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Wholesale orders are placed by colorways. Please email for pricing. I am happy to work with stores to develop a collection of books tailored to your location and interests. Please scroll down for terms.

starter pack books

Starter Pack10 square 5.5 x 5.5” journals & 20 larger 8.5 x 5.5” journals in an assortment of themes and colors. A great way to introduce Purplebean designs to your customers and pin-point which styles and sizes are most popular in your location.

rainbow order books

The Tyranny of the Rainbow Order Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple! This selection of books creates a bright display. Available in 5.5 x 5.5" square books and larger 8.5 x 5.5" books.

tall pines journals

Tall Pines An original, silk screened design of the Maine coast adorns the fabric cover and endpapers of these books. These books are a handsome choice for nature lovers, travelers, and Maine fans. 8.5 x 5.5" books.

books for men

Books for Men An assortment of books in grays, browns and black with ‘manly’ themed endpapers. There will be no birds or flowers anywhere near these books. This display is great for a shop with a muted palette. (By the way, books are unisex. Women love these books too.) 8.5 x 5.5" books.

paper birch books

Paper Birch A silk-screened design inspired by a walk in the woods, these books will be a stand-out display. Covers come in a range of colors with complementary endpapers. 8.5 x5.5" books.

au naturel

Au Naturel A selection of cool-toned books with a focus on water, land and air. A nice selection for shops with a nature or sea theme. Available in 5.5 x 5.5" square books and larger 8.5 x 5.5" books.

Bitty Books These chunky little books are super fun. With a page for every day of the year and colorful dividers for each month, they are hard to resist. Covers come in a variety of patterns, from cute to subdued. 3.5 x 4.25".

3 year journals

3 Year Journals A journal with an elastic closure designed to record three years’ worth of daily thoughts. Each page is printed with the date and lined for three years use. The covers come in an assortment of patterns and colors. 7 x 4".

I love making books. I love the design of a well-made book; I love the utility of a sturdy blank book. I also love paper, fabric and color and am delighted I get to work with them all day long. Every book I make I think of as a collaboration between myself as the bookbinder and whoever ends up filling the pages. It’s a special joy to think my books inspire people to be creative, to record and celebrate their lives, to commit memories and stories to paper. My favorite hand-sewn binding technique is called the button hole binding. It’s sturdy and decorative. It doesn’t use glue, so there is nothing to yellow or crack. It allows the cover to be artfully cut open, exposing the decorative endpapers. It’s a ton of fun to make. I joke that it doesn’t look like a normal book because it’s better - but it’s no joke. I make these books to last. Each book I make is named or numbered and stamped with my logo. The books you order will come with a protective paper band, bookmark, and price sticker (unless otherwise specified). Thank you for getting to know my work!

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book wrap
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PAYMENT Your first order must be prepaid in full before shipping. When your order is ready to ship, an invoice will be emailed to the buyer. Checks, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx and Discover are accepted. Net 30 terms are available for established accounts. Opening Minimum Order: $225 plus shipping Reorder Minimum: $150 plus shipping SHIPPING Shipping costs will be calculated and included on the emailed invoice. Shipments are sent via US Postal Service unless special arrangements are made. PRODUCTION Most items are made to order and will arrive in two to six weeks, depending on availability of inventory and complexity of order. I love working with buyers to figure out the best color and pattern themes for their location and I do my best to honor those requests. When you place your order, I will notify you of an estimated ship date. PROMOTION I will list and link to your store on my website and mention it on Facebook and Instagram when appropriate. RETURNS I want you to be completely happy with your order. If for any reason that is not the case, please contact me right away. I will do my best to work things out to your satisfaction. Because of the fragile nature of books, I can not take back books more than a week past when you receive your order. INDIVIDUALLY MADE No two books are the same, in fact I take special delight in making every one unique. While I do my best to honor color and theme requests, there will be variation. I hope you enjoy the never-ending uniqueness of each book.

WHOLESALE INQUIRES:Please email to place an order, discuss pricing, or other inquires.

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